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Diss Surveyor's Allotment Charity

Welcome to the Diss Surveyor's Allotment Charity, a trust dedicated to empowering the community of Diss. For years, we have been steadfast in our commitment to enhance the lives of local residents, ensuring that funds are allocated to community groups.

Allocating funds to local community groups in Diss brings about numerous benefits, including fostering a stronger sense of community, supporting local initiatives that address specific needs.

If you are a community group seeking support, take a look at our Application Form and Terms & Conditions below to see if you meet the criteria for this fund.

Diss Town Councillors are all trustees of The Diss Surveyor's Allotment Charity which is administered on their behalf by the Town Clerk. The Trust will consider the allocation of funds on receipt of your completed application form and supporting information. 

Agendas 2023-24

Nov 2023 - Agenda

Jun 2023 - Agenda

If you require older copies of agendas and minutes, please contact us.

Agendas 2022-23

Mar 2023 Agenda

Jun 2022 - Agenda

Diss Surveyors Allotment Charity Recipients
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