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The town

Diss is an ancient Norfolk market town, close to the Suffolk border in the Waveney Valley area of South Norfolk. The town boasts historic churches, pockets of attractive woodland and a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. It's noted for its wonderful Mere and fountain, which form the centrepiece of the town.

Local specialist shops in the Heritage Triangle area of the town sell a range of unique goods, from craft gifts and antiques to vintage clothing and fine foods. You’ll find them in the historic yards, Cobbs Yard, Norfolk House Yard and Hales Yard as well as around the Market Place and along Mere Street. 

It’s also worth paying a visit to the Corn Hall, Diss's cultural hub. Built in 1854, but with a modern twist, it's a well-regarded arts and entertainment venue that offers a packed programme of events and free-to-access art.

The Diss Town Guide is a great source of local information for both visitors and residents. 

Diss Town Sign



Diss Town Council welcomes donations on its land and provides the following guidance for applicants: 

View our Donations Protocol.

Donations could be in the form of benches, trees, plaques, financial support or a combination of these. They are often in memory of a loved one or used to mark an occasion.

If you would like to make a donation, either contact us or complete our donations application form.

Please note: Benches at the cemetery are welcomed when existing benches are in need of replacement.

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