Citizen Awards

The Honoured Citizen and Junior Good Citizen Awards have been running for many years in Diss. The awards are given to nominated individuals who go above and beyond to help the community. ​


The winners: 2022


The winners of 2022's Honoured Citizen and Junior Good Citizen awards were George Waterman, Lou Hines and Plamena Marinova.


This year, we also awarded a Special Recognition Award to Canon Rev'd Tony Billett who will be retiring later this year. Canon Billet is recognised for over 20 years of outstanding public service and dedication to the community of Diss. He has been a Rector of Diss since 2001 and Rector of the recently formed Diss Team Ministry since 2013.

Diss Town Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Canon Billett and wish him all the best for his future retirement. 

Junior Good Citizen- Plamena Marinova
Honoured Citizen George Waterman
Honoured Citizen Winner Lou Hines

How to nominate:

The two award categories are:

  • Junior Good Citizen – for any young person between 5 and 18 years who lives in Diss or attends school in Diss

  • Honoured Citizen – for anyone else.

Nominees can include people who run a club, raise funds for charities or who are always there to help neighbours or vulnerable people in the community. Nominations must include two proposers, both of whom should be residents of Diss (for Honoured Citizen this cannot be a relative).

How do I nominate?


Awards will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting.

Recipients names will be inscribed on the Roll of Honour Board in the Council Chamber at the Corn Hall.

View the regulations for nominating 

We've been recognising our community heroes since 1994...

Honoured Citizens

Charles Gardener (1994), Henry Judd (1995), Arthur Wood JP (1996), David Bell & Reginald Wright (1998), Gladys Hancock (1999), Jack Lee (2000), Denis Clarke (2001), The Revd. Ben Sasada (2002), Geoffrey Tebble (2004), Francis Bradley (2005), Michael Booty (2006), Clifford Bird & Stuart Ballantyne (2007), Sue Brazier (2008), Basil Abbott (2009), Anne Dutton (2010), Doreen Collins (2011), Alan Rowe (2012), William (aka Billy) Turner (2013), no nominations received in 2014, Suzanne Kayne (2015), Pete Gillings (2016), Harold Rackham & Elizabeth Dewhurst (2017), Jamie Scales & Jack Bell (2018), Jim Bidwell (2019), Andrew Rackham (2020), Anne Beckett-Allen (2021).

Junior Good Citizens

Laura Turner (2002), Jonathan Chambers & Claire Rogers (2007), Alice Baillie (2008), Jordan Longshaw, Robin Lemon, Archie Hewitt, Alfie Hewitt (2009), Ryan Howell (2011), Aston Taylor (2012), Shelby Baker (2013), Thomas Kembery (2014), Ellen Nicholas (2015), Owen Leeder (2016), no nominations received in 2017, Rheuben Botwright & Kieran Murphy (2018), Zinhle Moyo (2019), Callum Doe (2020), Lily Mills (2021).

Honorary Aldermen

Cyril Grace (2005), Glyn Walden (2012)

Freedom of the Town

The Royal Anglian Regiment (2012)

Honorary Freeman of the Town of Diss

Sgt Duncan Slater (2018)