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The Council

What we do & how

Diss Town Council is the first tier of local government for Diss. First and foremost, we represent the community of Diss. We listen to residents and do our best to work with others to find solutions to issues in the town. 

We also put forward the views of the community to other organisations such as Norfolk County Council, South Norfolk Council, the Police, the local MP... the list goes on. 

Diss Town Council Offices

We also support local groups by providing community funding and promotion for as many as we can. We provide recreation spaces and amenities for the town, such as the Market, Mere & Park, Sports Ground, Community Centre and Cemetery, to name a few. 

Of course, we can't always solve everything. But part of our job is to hold other organisations and authorities to account for services provided (or not, in some cases). We try to work in partnership with these organisatons to find a better solution. 

Town Council Responsibilities
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