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Green Corridors - Linking Nature Together!

19 April 2024

Following suggestions from members of the public at our last Annual Meeting, Diss Town Council has formed an Action Group to implement a Green Corridor Network across Diss!

A Green Corridor is a line of hedgerow plants, wildflowers, trees or aquatic plants that create a safe route for various wild animals to travel between the many habitats that can be found across Diss and its surrounding communities. The intention is to create a 'Green Network' between all these habitats so that the town becomes a more safe and suitable place for wildlife to live.

Work has already been completed to identify and enhance the Green Corridors between Diss and Roydon, and now the Action Group are looking to make improvements on sites closer to the centre of town and going out of town to the East.

The Action Group is always looking for further advice, suggestions, and support in continuing this project from local residents, as many of you already work hard to create and maintain safe havens for wildlife across our town! If you are interested in learning more about or project or would like to support this project yourselves in any way, please contact us.

Green Corridors - Linking Nature Together!
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