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Diss Town Council explores future options for DYCC

3 May 2024

Resolving the roof challenge at the Diss Youth & Community Centre on Shelfanger Road remains a top priority for Diss Town Council.  We are aware of the affinity that users and customers have with the building and are working diligently to find a solution.  As expected, the estimated costs associated with a replacement roof are eye-watering (circa 400k) given the specialist nature of removing the Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and installing a temporary roof to keep the building watertight before a new permanent roof can be built.

An options appraisal is being undertaken to determine the best way forward.  This includes replacing the roof (assuming the existing structure will support the load), demolishing the existing building and rebuilding a more fit for purpose facility on the existing site, selling the site and building a facility on another site and considering how the facilities and / or services can be provided in a different way.

Understanding the requirements of existing and potential users and the demand for youth and community space will be key to the decision-making process to ensure that any facility meets the needs of the town and surrounding area long-term and is financially viable.

Given forthcoming investment by the District Council in leisure facilities in Diss, it will be crucial that we also work closely with the District Council to maximise synergies. Work will then be required to cost the proposals, consider return on investment long term and source appropriate funding.

This is a complex decision, requiring significant investment, which we need to get right.  Diss Town Council will be working with user groups and members of the community to ensure we get the best outcomes for Diss taxpayers.

Diss Town Council explores future options for DYCC
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