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A new eco-friendly way to feed the ducks

5 July 2024

We are thrilled to announce the installation of a new duck feeder, thanks to a partnership with 'The Feed Ducks Initiative.' This initiative aims to eliminate bread feeding and significantly reduce overfeeding, addressing several environmental issues affecting wildfowl health and their habitats. Recently, large amounts of bread left at Madgett’s Walk railings have created problems for ducks and attracted rats.

The Feed Ducks Initiative, already partnered with over 40 councils in the UK and Ireland, brings solar-powered, contactless duck feed dispensers to communities. These dispensers provide small quantities of nutritious seed, ideal for wildfowl diets, and will be installed in Diss Park during this summer season.

The new duck feeder offers numerous environmental benefits:

· Reduces bread feeding

· Decreases litter from packaging

· Improves water quality by preventing rotting food build-up

· Reduces vermin populations

· Enhances wildfowl nutrition

The solar-powered feeder operates off-grid and accepts contactless payments only. It dispenses food directly into the hand without packaging and is made from 100% recycled plastics, equivalent to recycling 20,000 plastic bottles. Each unit includes a QR code linking to a webpage with fun facts about the park and tips on sustainable wildlife engagement.

And what’s more, the dispenser is fully maintained by the Initiative and 10% of the proceeds are donated back into the community to fund biodiversity projects or environmental projects that enhance green spaces.

The feeder will be located near to the Park pavilion at the end of madgett’s walk and visitors can expect to see it arriving very soon!

A new eco-friendly way to feed the ducks
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