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75 trees mark 75 years

22 December 2020

Council Services

This year marked the 75th anniversary of VE Day. To honour this special moment in history, members of the Rotary clubs of Diss Waveney and Diss and District have made a commitment to plant 75 trees on Brewers Green in Roydon.

The trees will symbolise the new life and regeneration marked by the ending of the war in Europe. Selected from a wide variety of deciduous native species, the planting of the trees has been carried out with the cooperation of Steve Jones, the custodian of the green. 

“These new trees will add to the biodiversity of the green,” said Steve. “And will be another link in the establishment of green corridors for wildlife."

There are also plans to erect a memorial stone on the green, remembering those who sacrificed their lives in conflict.

75 trees mark 75 years
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