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Town Council boosts vaccination programme in Diss

29 March 2021

Council Services

The Diss Youth & Community Centre (DYCC) will be used as a vaccination site for Diss and the surrounding area from the beginning of May 2021 - sooner if vaccine supplies become available.

Capable of delivering up to 1000 vaccinations a week, the additional site will boost capacity of the vaccination programme in the area and significantly reduce travel times for many local residents.

Keith Kiddie, County and District Councillor for Diss, said: “Well done to the Diss Town Council team. I have strongly supported this initiative and I am delighted that we will have something local in Diss (at last!).”

Working together to deliver

In partnership with the NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Hado Pharmacy, the Town Council has been working hard to make the proposal to turn the council-owned centre into a vaccination site a reality. And the good news is that the DYCC has recently been assessed and approved by the CCG as meeting all of the approved eligibility criteria.

Its operation will also be supported by Diss Town Councillor, Mark Gingell, who recently qualified as a St John Ambulance volunteer vaccinator.

Chidi Egeolu, Hado’s Superintendent Pharmacist, said: “I’d like to thank the Town Council for its support and direction and for everything it has done to ensure that the DYCC is approved as a COVID-19 vaccination centre. I’m proud to be associated with the team of staff and councillors who have made this happen. I would also like to extend my appreciation to Mark, the volunteer vaccinator - thank you. Together, we will provide an excellent vaccination service to the people of Diss.

“This is the beginning of a new partnership between Hado Pharmacy and the council, and we will, hopefully, attract more national services to the town through this.”

Council Leader, Simon Olander, added: “A heartfelt thanks to all who have worked tirelessly to get this into being. You can stand proud that you have all done everybody a big service in this fight against an unrelenting virus.”

Valuing our community partners

The Town Council has also been working closely with existing hirers to ensure that all those who use the main hall facility at the DYCC can be accommodated at alternative venues. The Corn Hall and Hope Church have both offered the use of their space and their excellent range of facilities.

Lee Johnson, The Corn Hall’s Operations Manager, said: “The news that Diss will be getting a vaccination centre is really welcome. When the Town Council asked if The Corn Hall could accommodate activities to allow the DYCC to be used for this purpose – I immediately said yes. It’s so important to make sure that the fight against COVID remains strong and that local community events which happen at the DYCC can still go ahead at The Corn Hall.

“Everything we can do as a community will help us return to a sense of normality. This is an exciting chapter in the next phase of working together and closer with community partners.”

Kim Boardman, Administration Manager at Hope Church, added: “Hope Church has been happy to help accommodate some of the DYCC’s hirers during this time.”

Town Council boosts vaccination programme in Diss
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