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Stop the South Norfolk police scammers

30 November 2020

Council Services

In one of the latest scams to hit South Norfolk, victims are cold-called by fraudsters pretending to be police officers/detectives from London police stations.

The scams take on a few different themes:

In one, the caller tells the victim that they have someone in custody who appears to be in possession of a cloned bank card belonging to the victim. The victim is then asked to provide their bank account or card details to verify.

In another, the caller says that police are investigating a fraud involving banks. The victim is asked to withdraw cash which will be collected from the home address of the victim by a courier. If the victim advises that they can’t get to a bank, the fraudster may arrange for a taxi to collect the victim and take them to the bank.

All of these scenarios are scams designed to con vulnerable members of our society out of hard-earned savings, sometimes several thousand pounds.

Remember! Police will never call and ask for your bank account details, bank card or credit card details or ask you to withdraw cash to hand over to couriers.

If you get a call like this hang up and report it to police.

Stop the South Norfolk police scammers
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