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Reopening of play areas and boardwalk

28 March 2021

Council Services

The play equipment in the park, the skateboard park on Shelfanger Road and the boardwalk all reopened to the public today, March 29th. 

This date marks the government’s easing of restrictions around outdoor gatherings and the end of the ‘stay at home’ rule. It also coincides with the start of the Easter holidays for most schools in the area. (And the arrival of some long-awaited spring sunshine.) 

We're very happy to be welcoming you all back to what is one of our town’s most vibrant and enjoyed spaces. 

Enjoy! You’ve earnt it. But please remember to:

  • stick to the rule of 6 (or 2 households) when meeting with people in the park

  • follow the boardwalk’s one-way system, which runs from the rear of the Council Offices to the Kings Head Yard

  • press the release button at the Kings Head Yard to exit the boardwalk.

Thank you.

Reopening of play areas and boardwalk
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