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Moving out of lockdown: A 4-step roadmap

1 March 2021

Council Services

From 8 March, lockdown restrictions will start to lift in accordance with the government’s 4-step roadmap. All the dates in the roadmap are indicative and subject to change. Only when the government is sure that it is safe to move from one step to the next will the final decision be made.

Step 1. 8th March 2021

  • Phased return of schools 

  • Two adults can socialise outdoors in a public place, not just for exercise

Step 1. 29th March 2021 

  • Rule of 6 reintroduced with the ability to meet in private gardens (no restriction of numbers if just 2 households)

  • Restrictions on travel lifted, day trips can resume but accommodation to remain closed

  • Outside sports such as tennis and golf to make a return as well as organised sport including football and rugby

Step 2. Not before 12th April 2021 

  • Non-essential retail to re-open, including hairdressers, nail salons, gyms alongside outdoor areas in hospitality venues

  • Pubs to re-open but only allowed to serve outdoors in beer gardens etc.

  • Libraries, museums, zoos and theme parks allowed to re-open

  • Self-contained accommodation such as air bnbs allowed to reopen (same household only)

Step 3. Not before 17th May 2021

  • All pubs, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs allowed to re-open

  • Cinemas to re-open alongside other indoor entertainment such as children’s play areas

  • Sports stadiums to welcome back fans at 25% capacity, indoor arenas to open at 50% capacity (or 1,000 people)

  • Most social contact restrictions outdoors removed

  • Households can mix indoors

  • Weddings, funerals, wake and wedding receptions for up to 30 people permitted

Step 4. Not before 21st June 2021

  • All limits on social contact removed

Further information

The COVID-19 Response - Spring 2021 update provides more detailed information on the roadmap and how it will impact you.

Moving out of lockdown: A 4-step roadmap
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