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Mere’s Mouth gets a facelift

21 July 2020

Council Services

Transformation of the area around Mere’s Mouth is underway. The coordinated programme of works will include refurbishment of the toilets, the resurfacing of the pathway at Mere’s Mouth and repairs to the sleepers around the Mere. 

Refurbishment of the Mere’s Mouth toilets will begin on the 27th July 2020. The works are estimated to take up to ten weeks to complete. During this time, an area around the toilets will be fenced off for safety reasons. Access to nearby shops and businesses, the Park, Mere and other local amenities will not be affected.

The revamp will bring the toilets back up to the required standards and follows a detailed procurement process carried out by South Norfolk Council. Once completed, ongoing day-to-day management of the toilets will be transferred from South Norfolk Council to Diss Town Council. 

There will be regular updates on progress over the next few months. But, in the meantime, residents are reminded that the toilets in the Park (next to the playground) are open every day from 10am to 4pm. The Park Road car park is also now accessible until 9pm.

The sleeper repairs and resurfacing of the pathway are being scheduled to coincide with the toilet refurbishment and are expected to take several weeks to complete.  Part of the work will incorporate the disabled parking bays, which will be closed while this work is undertaken. 

Mere’s Mouth gets a facelift
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