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Lockdown 3: What’s open and what’s not?

15 January 2021

Council Services

In line with government guidance and to protect the public, Diss Town Council has closed the following sites and facilities:

  • Children’s play areas including the Multi-Use-Games-Area, pod and gym equipment

  • Pavilion kiosk

  • Boardwalk and gardens

  • Diss Youth & Community Centre (except for Food FareShare scheme, support groups and Park Radio)

  • Sports Ground including Skateboard Park

You can still access the following:

  • Park (for daily exercise only)

  • Park toilets (open 8am to 6pm daily)

  • Cemetery*

  • Market (essential supplies only)

  • Sports Ground Pavilion - for nursery only

* Blue badge holders wishing to access the cemetery should call or email Diss Town Council during normal office hours 9.30am – 3pm Monday to Friday to make an appointment.

Market stalls 

Essential suppliers are continuing to trade on the Market Place as follows:

  • Diana Atkin’s fruit and veg stall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Mummery Brothers’ fish stall on Thursdays and Fridays 

  • Dave Harris hog roast on Thursdays

  • Jonathan Irons’ fruit and veg stall on Fridays

  • Tony Fields’ discount deli on Fridays

  • Newman’s pet food & accessories on Fridays

  • Starwing Brewery on Fridays

Delivery services are available from: 

  • Tony Fields discount deli - contact 07810 864119

  • Diana’s fruit and veg - call 07747 840387

  • Newman’s pet food & accessories – contact 01394 448911

Lockdown 3: What’s open and what’s not?
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