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DDNP Survey, your community, your say

28 July 2020

Council Services

The Diss District Neighbourhood Plan (DDNP) Issues & Options Community Consultation Survey 2020 is now live. Have your say by filling in the online form or by submitting a hard copy (available from the Diss Town Council Office and other local parish offices).

The closing date is 5pm Friday 14th August. 

What does the survey cover?

This survey highlights key issues raised by earlier consultation and proposes lists of options available that can be included in the Plan. 

There are around 30 questions, some local to your parish, some about the area in general. Most are simple tick boxes but there's plenty of space to add your thoughts and opinions if you wish to do so.

And you don’t have to complete all 30 questions. If you just want to answer those that are relevant to you, that’s fine. 

By filling in the survey you’ll help shape the policies that form our Neighbourhood Plan. Further consultation will then take place on those policies in early 2021.

What power does our Neighbourhood Plan have?

Neighbourhood plans can’t stop houses being built. But they do include policies on a range of issues that, once the Plan is accepted at a Referendum, developers must follow. These policies are drawn up following extensive consultation with the local community, and this survey is an important step in the process. 

Why does your input matter?

Your help with this consultation is invaluable and every viewpoint matters. A good response rate leads to a more accurate representation of all communities impacted and creates a plan that reflects what people living in these communities (you!) want. 

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a chance to win one of five £20 shopping vouchers. To enter the draw just include your name and email at the end of the survey. What are you waiting for?  

DDNP Survey, your community, your say
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