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A positive post for "Thank You Thursday!"

22 December 2022

DTC staff and Cllr Waterman helped a young lady to retrieve her mobile phone in the Park on Monday evening.

Following an out of hours call explaining that the phone had fallen under the trampoline and with the forecast of significant rain, staff returned to work and enlisted the help of councillor Waterman, and his litter picking supplies! #DissLitterpickingGroup

Lit up by the headlights of the Facilities & Building Manager’s van and with a torch, file, screwdriver, and a quick dash to a local shop to purchase rope, the device was recovered to the delight of the local resident and the trampoline put back into normal use.

The young lady popped by the office with a card and box of chocolates to say thank you – really nice to be appreciated, thank you Hannah! 

A positive post for "Thank You Thursday!"
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