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Diss Carnival 2022 - THEME RELEASED!

12 January 2022


Committee raises the curtain on theme for Diss Carnival 2022

After two-years’ waiting in the wings while Covid took centre stage, Diss Carnival is back. And this year’s theme is the greatest yet.

Inspired by the legend of Madame Abdella, one of two circus elephants said to have been buried under Fair Green, the theme for Diss Carnival 2022 is [drum roll please] … ‘The Great—Diss Showman’. Ta-da!

“Towards the end of last year, we were approached by The Corn Hall,” said Claire Keen, Diss Carnival Committee Chair. “They asked us to consider whether this year's theme could somehow incorporate their Diss Elephants arts project, and the two performing elephants said to have been buried under Fair Green. Committee conversations led from elephants to circuses, then onto showmen in general. And, as we enjoy a play on words, the theme was born.”

The great Comeback Carnival

Diss Carnival is traditionally an annual event. And the unavoidable cancellation of the carnival following the outbreak of Covid in spring 2020 was felt by many across our community.

“Not being able to organise the Diss Carnival for the past two years has been very odd,” says Claire. “We had already booked quite a lot of the entertainment and stalls for 2020 when the government put us into lockdown. We were all so disappointed, but at that stage none of us realised we wouldn't be organising for the following year either!”

After a particularly tough two years, the Carnival Committee (a sub-committee of Diss Town Council) is keen to give the town a party to remember in 2022.

“We’ve decided that Diss needs something to look forward to, to celebrate and enjoy,” says Claire.  I can’t wait to see the town covered in bunting, the shop windows colourfully decorated, and, for me, the atmosphere in the town when the parade passes through is exhilarating.

“We're hoping the parade and shop window displays will be bigger and better than ever for our comeback carnival and will include everything from circuses and funfairs to characters from the musical ‘The Greatest Showman", helter skelter rides, dodgems, fortune tellers, clowns, strongmen and women, acrobats, lions, tigers and even dancing bears!

“We’ve already confirmed bookings for some of the entertainment for July, and it's going to be our biggest show ever. But, it’s important we try to return to some sort of normal and believe that, in the words of one great Showman, Freddie Mercury, this year "the show must go on”.

Save the date

To accommodate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations which is scheduled for early June, Carnival will take place in July this year.

“With the royal celebrations scheduled for June, we decided to move Carnival back a month to allow people to celebrate both occasions separately,” says Claire. “This year it will take place on Sunday 3rd July.“

Ways to get involved

Over the next few weeks, application forms will be sent out to those who registered to appear at the 2020 event. New applications are also welcome. Forms can be downloaded from:

The committee is also on the lookout for donations and sponsors.

“We’ve been so lucky in the past few years to attract enough sponsors that we can offer a FREE day out for everyone,” says Claire. “This is something we believe is vital to Diss Carnival's success. Various sponsorship packages are available, so please contact us by emailing if you would like to contribute to the town's biggest free day out.”

Contact information and more is available on the @DissCarnival Facebook page. Just give it a ‘like’ to receive news, updates, and teasers.

Diss Carnival 2022 - THEME RELEASED!
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