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Diss Town Council has been continuing to operate throughout lockdown. Councillors and Officers met for four virtual committee meetings during April and May with Full Council meeting for the first meeting of the new Mayoral year last Wednesday.

The existing 12 members considered co-option of a new councillor, which if approved, would leave just one vacancy on the Town Council. Stuart Warren was unanimously voted as the Council’s thirteenth councillor. Stuart brings with him a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, supporting people with mental health. During lockdown Stuart has been working for Diss & Thetford’s Citizen Advice Bureau. He has also been volunteering with South Norfolk Council to help people with their shopping needs. He is very passionate about the town, feels that he can be a voice for the underrepresented and is looking forward to helping Diss to develop further.

Members reviewed how often to meet within committees and as Full Council and a schedule was approved providing for one meeting every two weeks. The Annual Meeting of the Town Council would usually also see the election of the Town Mayor and Council Leader however it was agreed at the March meeting of Council prior to lockdown, that Councillors Sonia Browne and Simon Olander would continue in their respective roles for a further year for continuity.

At the Facilities meeting early May, members agreed to resurface most areas of the Mere’s Mouth and repair rotten sleepers. The Council is looking to coordinate these works with South Norfolk Council who is responsible for refurbishing the toilets. It is hoped the renovations will take place over the summer as this is the optimum time for groundworks and without events taking place, the impact should be minimal.

The Town Council is planning to re-open the Park toilet facilities as soon as it has been able to put in place appropriate safety measures to protect the public and staff. The Park is being used more by residents doing their daily exercise and with the kiosk re-opening at the weekend, it is considered the appropriate time.

We would also like to take this opportunity to ask residents to please feed the ducks appropriately around Mere’s Mouth and in the Park. We continue with our message to stop feeding the pigeons. The Town Council is working with traders, South Norfolk Council and Dealey Bird Control & Falconry to reduce the pigeon population. The aim of the scheme, which involves flying a hawk to deter pigeons, has successfully reduced their numbers by over a half. This, along with more regular cleaning, is starting to have a positive effect on the appearance of buildings and of Mere Street.

If you would like to find out more about the Town Council, its Executive committee, which oversees finance and staffing matters, next meets on 3rd June. Members of the public are welcome to attend all Council meetings. Visit our new website at to view the agendas for meetings, which will be available five clear days in advance. If you would like to take part in the online meeting, please contact the Town Clerk at for the details.


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