Diss Youth Council

Diss Youth Town Council was the brainchild of Diss Town Council which has been exploring ways to engage with the town’s youth and enable them to have their say in town affairs.

After two years of young people working with their local Youth & Community Worker with the support of Diss Town Council, Diss Youth Town Council was launched in September 2018. Since then the Youth Council has gone from strength to strength and is embedded well into their local community. The youth councillors set themselves three outcomes to achieve through their work, creating a safe and better environment for young people, building a more harmonious community and having more influence over what goes on in Diss.

The youth councillors regularly represent youth at official council events, standing alongside the Mayor, attend their own monthly meetings as well as some full council meetings, volunteer in community projects and represent youth after consulting with their peers to find out what is important to them. All of their hard work helps the youth councillors own personal development as well.

“Being a youth councillor has afforded me with skills that I apply to every aspect of my life, and for that I am thankful. Predominantly, my confidence, I have felt it soar viscerally, having been exposed to public speaking and communicating with locals. Our roles spill beyond meetings, and into community work, charity endeavours and local events. It is a pleasure to advocate on behalf of my peers with my fellow councillors, in the town that I have been proud to call my home for almost 17 years.” 

“My role as a youth councillor has enabled me to get out of my comfort zone and help improve the community, whilst firmly standing behind what I believe in. It enormously benefitted my confidence and social skills both during meetings and events. Although I have faced some challenges and dead ends occasionally, it has really helped me grow and become a more independent and proactive person. I am grateful that I got this amazing opportunity because as a group I believe we have been making a major difference in communicating with and expressing the voice of the youth in Diss. I hope that we can continue improving our work and representing the youth to the best of our abilities.”

“Although I am new to the council and haven't contributed much yet, I think the council is an excellent way for young people in Diss to have a say in matters that affect them. It also helps young people to learn valuable communication skills and become more confident.  As I'm home-schooled it is also a great way to get out and get involved with the community.”



If you are interested in joining the Diss Youth Council, please make contact with:


Julia Fairbrother

07546 059061