Work will be starting next week on the removal of a large Horse Chestnut tree in Diss Park.  First reported back in February, this tree, nearest the Park Pavilion, presents too great a risk to the public and will now, sadly have to be taken down.

We have been working with our tree surgeon and expert arboriculturalist to retain this beautiful specimen for as long as possible, but a recent test has identified that the condition of this tree has deteriorated to the point where the tree is no longer viable.

As part of our tree management programme, trees across all our sites are regularly inspected.  In the last few years, sixteen new trees have been planted in Diss Park to sustain the Park for future generations and in light of the tree survey, which identified a number of mature trees nearing the end of their life.

A Beech at Diss Cemetery is also beyond nurturing and will be felled later this year.  This is not the outcome we wanted but there is no other choice.

The two remaining Horse Chestnut trees on the Park are currently in better health and will continue to be monitored to maximise their longevity.

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