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  • Dennis Harris

    I am becoming increasingly concerned at the speed some vehicles are traveling at when entering the pedestrian area of Mere st from the market square, on a two occasions I have waved at drivers to slow down as in my opinion they are entering the area much to fast. Could I respectfully ask that some thought be given to maximum speed signs and/or a speed bump?

    • Kimberley Harper-Collins

      Hi Dennis, Thank you for your comments. As this is when vehicles are approaching a pedestrian area, it is unlikely that speed signs or speed bumps would be introduced although you are welcome to make these suggestions to Norfolk County Council who are responsible for highways. There are concerns around speeding in parts of the town and the local police are aware of this. We have noticed an increase in police speed checking from their active Twitter account: @SouthNorfPolice Thank you again for your feedback. Kind regards, Kimberley. Diss Town Council.

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