South Norfolk Council is undertaking a community governance review, which they are required to do periodically.

Diss Town Council proposed changes to create a logically defined boundary between Diss and Roydon to remove confusion to the north and west of Diss over which streets are in which parish. In response, South Norfolk Council proposed the inclusion of Tottington Lane. They will decide after taking account of all responses received once the consultation period has ended.

The parish boundary location should have no effect on school catchments, ecclesiastical parish boundaries, house prices, property registration, or land for development.

Understandably, one of the main concerns is the cost impact for Roydon residents. The most affected households would face a potential annual increase of around £140 or £12 per month based on the Diss 2017/18 Band D household figure. The Town Council’s element of the total council tax bill is 9%.

Diss taxpayers help to maintain and improve many facilities and amenities including, to name a few, the Park & Mere, Market, Cemetery, the Diss Youth & Community Centre and the Corn Hall; support community groups; organise two key annual events; and, decorate the town with bunting and Christmas lights.

This review is completely different from the recent Boundary Commission review of District Council ward boundaries which determined that Diss and Roydon would be merged as one district ward with three councillors (instead of two separate wards with four between them).

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  • Dr G. Martin Courtier

    This review is actually a follow-on from the recent Boundary Commission review of District Council ward boundaries.
    Thus the note above is completely misleading in attempting to DISSociate it from said review.
    It is true that the parish boundary ‘should have’ no effect on the various elements listed above, but that is precisely what parish boundaries do.
    What was the purpose of this note? Who will benefit from a boundary change? What is the logic?

  • Glyn Robinson

    There seems to be no logical reason to change the boundary and moving some very historical locations out of Roydon and into a Diss apart from revenue building, this change will have no benefit whatsoever ever to the residence of the affected area. Just an underhanded way of getting more council tax with out busting the cap imposed by central government . It will also mean the remaining residence will also pay more. So a loose loose for the home holders and a win win for Diss Council.

    • Johnmaskell

      There is almost a straight line from Denmark bridge to Westbrook green farm so all properties on the right would be in diss and those on left in roydon
      If this proposal was adopted There would be no confusion and show it is not about money and that the town council really do want to take out any confusion
      But if this proposal is rejected I do believe it is all about money to help to balance their books

  • Johnmaskell

    To take out any confusion between diss and roydon there is almost a straight line starting at Denmark bridge through to west broke green farm
    All properties on the right would be in diss and those on the left would be in roydon
    If this happened there would never be any confusion
    The town council could adopt this proposal and show that it is not about money
    Refusing this proposal would show that the town council is all about money to balance their books

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