• July 19, 2017
  • 6:00 pm
  • Council Chamber, Diss Corn Hall.

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  • Gillian Chisnall

    GILLIAN CHISNALL Pedlars, 7 Stanley Road, Diss, IP22 4BN
    South Norfolk Planning Services 18th July 2017
    Cc Diss Town Council

    Dear Sirs

    Planning Application 2017/1471 – Plots 6&7 The Maltings, Fair Green, Diss

    Last year I moved to Diss with my husband seeking a quieter life in a rural environment yet with excellent train connections to London, recognising that at the age of 70 there may in some years’ time be some occurrence removing my ability to drive.
    Currently I still work in south Essex which is a drive of some 85 miles each way, which I am prepared to do so we have the great quality of life in Diss. This also means we shall need to buy a second car now for my husband to use –we have 2 parking spaces as well as a garage in the block referred to in the above planning application.
    I chose to buy our property because of its quiet, off road location with private foot access to the immediately adjacent Fair Green. This was an important consideration because of the need for my young grandchildren to be in a safe environment when visiting here, which they frequently do, and indeed at the end of June my son and his wife bought the next door property, 9 Stanley Road; they have two young daughters. We have 4 other grandchildren.
    The current planning application gives me great concern for the following main reasons:
    1. PROPOSED PRACTICAL ACCESS AND PARKING ARRANGEMENTS – it is proposed to use the existing very narrow curved and high walled entrance from Stanley Road to the garage block and the private right of way across the front of the garage parking spaces, but already the residents’ cars parked in front of their garages make access and turning round very tight indeed. We have changed to a smaller car but it makes no difference, even though I am a very experienced driver of cars, minibuses and lorries throughout London in particular.
    2. EXISTING RIGHTS TO BE INTERRUPTED – all the properties comprising The Maltings have legal rights of way over the proposed access route, and the proposed site of the 2 parking spaces for Plot 1 would obstruct those rights, and would also mean I could not safely use my own parking space at the rear of number 7 as it would be impossible to manoeuvre my car between the first proposed parking space and the projecting wall of number 9. My deeds clearly show that the Applicants and all their successors in title are legally bound by a restrictive covenant not to obstruct the land forming those two proposed parking spaces “by the parking of motor vehicles thereon or in any other way”. That restrictive covenant is registered at HM Land Registry and means the proposed parking spaces cannot be permitted. They would also obstruct the same residents’ legally granted right to use the private footpath down the side of number 4 Fair Green giving us the valued direct access to Fair Green. This would also stop wheelchair access, a great concern for me as my husband has arthritis and may in due course need a wheelchair.
    3. LOSS OF PRIVACY – my property is immediately next to the proposed development which would seriously impact on our privacy in our front and rear gardens. Apart from shower and bathrooms there are landing and bedroom windows, and even those fitted with obscure glass will be able to be opened and see right into my property. This is exacerbated by the fact that the rear of the two proposed houses would be so close to my boundary as to completely dominate our front and rear gardens, destroying our open aspect and privacy.
    4, TOO CLOSE – the house for the proposed Plot 1 will be even taller than the existing number 4 and that will overshadow my garden completely. Also the design sets the new house back at least 3 feet behind the building line followed by number 4 and its neighbours, meaning it is even closer to and more adversely impacting on us.
    5. DEMOLISHING BRICK WALL – the Applicants propose to assist their suggested access and parking arrangements by the demolition of the existing brick wall forming a continuation beyond my rear gate of my side boundary wall which separates my property from the development. However, I own some two thirds of the length of that continuation wall and I am definitely not prepared to allow it to be demolished.
    6. SHEER PRACTICALITIES – when we moved in last year, and when my son moved in last month, both sets of removal people had to bring our furniture in via the private footpath referred to in 2 above, since they could not get round to the garages due to the size of their vehicles. It would therefore also be impossible for construction traffic to use our access via the narrow curved drive.
    Finally, as I am working away I authorise my husband, Derek Chisnall, to make any representations on my behalf to Diss Town Council, South Norfolk Council or others in support of my strong objections to this application,
    Yours sincerely,

    Gillian Chisnall (Mrs)

  • James Chisnall @ 9 Stanley Road, IP22 4BN

    Objections to Planning Application 2017/1471 – Plots 6&7, The Maltings, Fair Green, Diss

    Dear Sirs
    I write to object to the above application. I have recently moved some 80 miles to bring my family to Diss for a better quality of life. What attracted me to this property in particular was the access to Fair Green via the rear gate. I have 2 young daughters, aged 6 & 12, who now have the freedom to take our dogs for walks in the safety of a village atmosphere. In fact, I chose a property with a small garden over other, more spacious properties, specifically for their freedom on Fair Green.
    Whilst I note that the plans will retain this access which is so important to my family, I was informed by the architect that they intend on making the area behind my back gate even more congested by allowing more cars to be parked in an area which land registry clearly states must not be used for this purpose. When my car is parked against my garage, the space between its front bumper and my rear garden wall is a little over 10 feet, risking damage to my vehicle as people are manoeuvring their cars and the various building trades are coming to and fro the building site. I find it difficult to comprehend how it would be deemed safe for my children and pets to use this rear access point, particularly when there is construction traffic during the build. I would be forced to not let my children play on the green as I cannot have them walk around the 2 busy main roads which is the only other access. Quite frankly, this is not the reason I moved to Fair Green.
    My mother in law is severely disabled, requiring a wheelchair. When she visits the only access is via my back gate as there are stairs to the front of the property. She will not be able to enjoy Diss as we have until now as I cannot be taking her past a building site in her wheelchair.
    I note from the previous application which was subsequently withdrawn that the original plan was to have the cars for these new properties access via Fair Green to a driveway. I assume that this change of plan is due to other residents in my vicinity quite rightly finding it unacceptable. Simply hiding the cars behind the properties at a cost to my family’s safety is not an acceptable answer.
    During the construction phase, I will have a building site 22 ft from my garden wall and cars / vans passing within inches of my back gate. This is not the tranquillity and safety for my children that I envisaged when purchasing this property. Once the build is complete, I will have a property blocking my light with windows overlooking my garden. I would most certainly not have bought this property with another invading my privacy like that.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns.

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