Become a Health Goal Volunteer!

We are looking for compassionate and friendly people to join us as Health Goal Volunteers for the Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust in South of Norfolk. This exciting new role involves supporting patients to achieve a particular goal that will improve their health and wellbeing; for example, joining a group to pursue a hobby and to make new friends.

Volunteers will visit the client weekly for around 2-3 hours per week, for a period of 2-8 weeks, depending on the goal the individual would like to achieve. All volunteers will receive full training, including the opportunity to attend a 2 day course in Health Coaching, and ongoing support. This is a great opportunity to make a real difference to your local community.

For more information about becoming a Health Goal volunteer, please contact Pavlina Parashkevova, Volunteer Co-Ordinator (South) on 01603 272336 or email


Annual Town Meeting 2018

Diss Town Council is hosting its Annual Town Meeting – a meeting of the electors of Diss and open to all town residents – on Tuesday 1st May 2018 from 6pm at the United Reformed Church on Mere Street.

The event will take a similar format to previous years with opportunities to network and find out what all three Councils have been doing on your behalf of the town over the last year.

There will also be a chance to:

  • Meet other local organisations and representatives
  • See Duncan Slater presented with the Honorary Freedom Award  as well as celebrating the achievements of our Honoured and Junior Good Citizens
  • Find out more about the year ahead

All welcome- spread the word!

Diss Town Council’s Element of Council Tax Increases from 1st April 2018

Diss Town Council were faced with another challenging budgetary decision this year. Our income from council tax has gone down by £63,000 over the last five years because of Government changes to the Council Tax benefit system.

Until last year we had tried to absorb that loss, but it became essential to phase in an above inflation increase over two years from April 2017 to plug this funding gap to continue to maintain our services.  The 13.6% increase from April 2018 works out on average at £22.35 for the year or £2.24 per month paid over 10 months. These figures are based on a Band D Council Tax household, which is the national criteria used for calculating Council Tax.

The recently completed £3.3M Heritage Triangle Project included a loan of £330,000 as the Town Council’s contribution to the project. This was a loan of a smaller amount than the £400,000 it was estimated it would have cost to make the Corn Hall watertight and deal with known structural issues, which would only have kept the building in its previous unregenerated form.

The regeneration and restoration of the Corn Hall could only be achieved through investment from other sources. The Heritage Lottery Fund was the only source that would provide the required level of funding but the Corn Hall on its own was not of sufficient heritage interest to them. The HLF would only consider projects that delivered real heritage benefits. The Corn Hall, the surrounding area and the boardwalk, which became known as the Heritage Triangle, was considered worthy of investment. Hence the Town Council’s £330K loan has achieved a further nearly £3M investment in Diss.

Full details of our budget can be found here

Councillor Vacancies

Would you like to make a difference in your community? Are you interested in taking on a new challenge? We now have three councillor vacancies and we’d love to hear from you.

Councillors get involved in a wide variety of activities as well as making strategic decisions on behalf of the community.  It is a voluntary role but there are many benefits to being a councillor, not least the opportunity to have your say and help to make Diss a better place.

For more information about our vacancies or to download an application form, click here. The deadline for applications is 14th March 2018.

Tree Management

As part of our tree management programme, trees across all our sites are regularly inspected.  In the last few years, sixteen new trees have been planted in Diss Park to sustain the Park for future generations.

Several years ago, a tree survey identified a number of mature trees nearing the end of their life.  We have been working with our tree surgeon and expert arboriculturalist to retain these beautiful specimens for as long as possible, but a recent test has identified that the condition of one of the three large Horse Chestnuts on Diss Park has deteriorated to the point where the tree is no longer viable.

This tree, nearest the Park Pavilion, presents too great a risk to the public and will now, sadly, have to be taken down. This is not the outcome we wanted but there is no other choice.  The two remaining mature Horse Chestnut trees are currently in better health and will continue to be monitored to maximise their longevity.

The condition of two other trees – an Oak situated on the Lowes and a Beech at Diss Cemetery – are also beyond nurturing and will be felled.  Following concerns about the very tall Cypress tree on Rectory Meadow, part of which fell on to a property during recent high winds, works to remove this tree have also been scheduled. We plan to review options for planting appropriate replacement trees in Rectory Meadow.

A combined town traders group

At the second meeting of Mere Street Traders this week, the notion of a single town traders group was explored.  Traders from the Heritage Triangle were invited and Peter Hyde, Chair of the Heritage Traders Trust explained how their current model worked. Everyone agreed that working together for the benefit of the whole town was the right approach.  Other issues discussed included signage and street cleaning.

New play equipment for Fair Green

The remaining developer contributions totalling £3,450 from the Frenze Hall Lane development (south) are being spent on new play equipment for older children at Fair Green.  Given the variety of play equipment already in Diss Park, the Town Council felt that residents of the town and those closer to Fair Green would benefit more from this investment.