When Pope Francis was first introduced on the balcony at St Peter’s he declined the little red cape traditionally worn on such occasions saying to the attending cardinal “Carnival time is over, Monsignor, you wear it”.

Well Carnival time it was at in Diss last Sunday – my first big event as Mayor and did I wear that cape? – you bet I did. However, I was nicely inconspicuous amongst dancers, the wonderful floats, the stilt walkers, horses, donkeys (I think I saw a reindeer somewhere) and of course Dinsdale the Duck, so you could be excused for missing me.

I have never seen as many people in Diss at the same time. Well done to the Carnival Committee for producing such a brilliant day.
Dinsdale was all in a flap in case no-one turned up, but when he saw the size of the crowd he decided to wing it. Totally unflappable.

(editor’s note – all puns used in this blog are the author’s own, and should not be taken as reflecting the sense of humour of Diss Town Council).

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