24th June 2017

So far so good. After the excitement of the carnival (see below for the punchline) I had a busy week which included a happy hour (not that sort of Happy Hour) having tea with the residents of De Lucy House as part of National Care Homes open Day.

That was Friday (also my birthday – well I did get cake). On Sunday the  Mayoress and I attended our second civic service in Felixstowe in a packed St John’s Church, with other members of the Suffolk “chain gang” (of which I am an honorary member).

Back to the grind, with two meetings on the following Wednesday, including the Town Council where we started the process of co-opting a new councillor. This is to replace Joe Aiken, who after a pretty full on couple of years chairing our Community Engagement Committee, and working like a trojan on projects like the carnival, christmas lights Diss Fest, had to let something go so that he could focus on his paid job (and his other unpaid job of father to three young children). If you want to find out how you could be a town councillor, and what is involved contact the town council, one of your councillors, or just pop along to the Corn Hall on a Wednesday evening for a committee or council meeting, and ask an awkward question.

Watching the Pure Floyd Show at the Corn Hall tonight (Saturday). (You can tell my age by the fact I am going to see a Pink Floyd tribute band, and the reference to Sgt Pepper in the title of this blog). Sunday morning I will be in the Park kicking off the proceedings at the Cyclathon. Next Mayor moments blog will be next Friday.

Oh. The punchline! People ask me whether I get any special treatment as Mayor. Not really. Except once. Morrisons kindly provided free parking all day on the day of the carnival. Alone of those who used that facility, it seems, I got a parking ticket a few days later! A technical glitch which has now been rescinded,  and entirely unconnected with the fact I work at Tesco.

Trevor Wenman

Town Mayor

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